Monday, July 29, 2013

[Tasker] Be informed about software progress

I got my phone repaired and started programming again.

Here my newest script result:

Its shows the progress of an automated measurement system (Done by me with AutoIt, but that's a different story, think of AutoIt as Tasker for Windows - give it a try and the developers and huge thanks :D ).

Why I need this?
I'm currently working with CMOS MAPS (Monolithic Active Pixel Sensors). They need to be programmed and we measure different parameters after setting a huge amount of settings... This takes a lot of time and effort. The runs take much time and if the system breaks down one looses expensive measurement time. So its a huge benefit to run the whole procedure automatically, as it should be running 24/7 and one needs to know as soon as possible, that something went wrong.

The system is called MABS  as it is a Mimosa Automation Bot System ;)

But that's not the point. The point is this tiny notification in your Android pulldown menu!

So basically your Android phone is capable of getting the progress and error/warning statuses of every software you programmed! The setup is very easy. I will post it here soon (this week)! Stay tuned and sorry for not posting in the last time. I promise to improve ;)

Automated measurements system named MABS


  1. Hi, I wonder how you did this "5) When someone enters the wrong code to unlock. A picture of the intruder is taken silently and send via email to me."

    Would be nice if you did a post about it :)

    1. Ok :)
      That's a short one. Next post is for you!

    2. Soo.. How's it going? :D

    3. Here you go :)

  2. Everyday i kept visiting your blog to see if u posted a new blog post about your creations. I'm so glad that your phone is working and your finally posting again! :D

  3. Hi, could you tell me how to "6) When I come home, I get asked if I want to turn my Computer on (Wake-On-Lan)"

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