Thursday, March 3, 2016

[Android+Windows+GoogleCardboard+Skyrim]A breeze of what a Oculus Rift could feel like

In July 2016 we will have the Oculus Rift available on the market. Virtual reality glasses which will open a whole new experience for gamers, movie watchers and travelers all over the world. The current shipping price is 599$ in the pre-order shop.

If you want to have a breeze of that experience right now and don't want to wait, this guide is for you!

This will be not a classical Tasker guide, but a friend of mine pushed me to write about my experience so here it is:

What hardware do we need:
  • An Android Smartphone
  • A Windows computer (Propably also works on a MAC or on a LINUX machine)
  • A Google cardboard or something similar, look here: "Google Cardboard" at (from 2$ with shipping) 
What software?
  • Android App Trinus VR lite and the Windows counterpart from the Trinus download page.
  • A software to make Skyrim (or any other game) stereoscopic, get the 14 day Trial version of TriDef here. Unfortunately I couldn't get Vireio Perception running, that would be great, as this software is for free.
  • Skyrim (Or propably any other game? Star Citizen, Call of Duty, Battlefield?)
Install all the needed software. The order doesn't matter as they don't interfere.

A few things to account for in Skyrim:
  • Mods are OK
  • Disable ENB

Start TriDef
Start Skyrim
Start Trinus VR lite and connect to your PC.
That's it!

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